Design and manufacture of good quality dry wood roof truss structures - Laval, Montreal
Made of High Quality Canadian Dry Wood

Roof Truss

Évolution Structures designs and manufactures roof trusses to meet your specific needs.

All of our roof trusses are manufactured to the highest specifications in the industry and are certified by the engineering department prior to production. Upon delivery, the customer receives a copy of these certifications and a clear and detailed assembly plan.

Thanks to our modern equipment, our roof trusses are of superior quality and guarantee you peace of mind.
All our products are made of high quality Canadian dry wood.

Here are some models of roof trusses that we can manufacture:

Mono Roof Truss - Laval, Montréal
Mistress and / or flat roof - Laval, Montréal
Mistress and / or Flat Roof
Cathedral with Mistress Roof Truss - Laval, Montréal
Cathedral with Mistress
Cathedral Roof Truss - Laval, Montréal
End Roof Truss de bout - Laval, Montréal
End Truss
Standard Roof Truss - Laval, Montréal
Our Products

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